10 Jun, 2023

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 Quite a large number of people around the world engaged in various collecting. People collect a variety of items and things, ranging from postage stamps, ending with expensive cars. And if cars are a pleasure for a very small segment of people, then collecting brands is available to almost everyone.

 Therefore, Hobbies such as collecting stamps, coins, badges and even beer corks are very common. Coin collecting, for example, can begin as a child, and continue throughout a person's life. It is not surprising that for such a long period the collector can accumulate a large collection. In such collections can meet quite rare coin. Such rare pennies can get to a person absolutely by accident, and he may not know until a certain time that he has a really valuable coin or postage stamp in his collection.

 The most valuable coins for the most part are ancient coins, since the coin as an object acquires the status of an antique product. Coin collectors, if they have such coins, value them very much. Nowadays, you can easily find a coin shop on the Internet that sells coins, and even the most valuable coins can be found there.

 Even without the Internet era, there were people who carried out the exchange of coins. Such people United in communities, gathered in clubs, there were even festivals dedicated to coins. Currently, in the era of the Internet, you can easily find yourself a lot in the sections of the coin store, and choose the right coin or postage stamp.

 A person who wants to find a postage stamp asks the initial question – how much is the stamp, or the price of a postage stamp. Philately in this regard is very similar to the hobby of collecting coins. Even a coin 5-10 years ago can cost several times more than its nominal value, even though such a coin can still be in use.

 Coin collectors, as well as stamp collectors, do not collect everything. Postage stamps are collected both by country, such as us postage stamps, and by subject, examples of which can be quite a lot. It can be art, and transport, and animals and plants, and much more. Coin collectors are Amateurs, collect mostly commemorative coins. It is possible to find the explanation as commemorative coins differ from the regular coinage coins the fact that they have a picture wearing cultural in nature.

 However, the hobby of collectors in addition to coins can be very different. We, of course, do not take into account those collectors who collect very expensive Antiques and art. Collecting as a hobby is available to everyone. You can collect candy wrappers, wrappers and inserts from chewing gum, cans of beer or lemonade, cards, beer plugs, labels from bottles of beer or wine. People have such a rich imagination that they collect even the strangest items. There are collectors who collect items such as glasses, scales, game joysticks, not to mention computer games that came out on cartridges or CDs and DVDs.

 The main purpose of the site, and all this project is to instill in a person a love of collecting, because this kind of hobby develops a person culturally, allows you to broaden your horizons, increase the level of knowledge, and enrich the human intellect in terms of spirituality and culture. Most of the above on this site, I have in my personal collection, everything can be viewed in video format on YouTube, there you can ask any question.


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