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rare pennies A coin collector usually starts his hobby by collecting pennies. Sometimes they can come across a rare penny. Penny, because of their availability, easy to find in everyday use, and there is a large selection. It should be noted that the word "penny" is called a British coin. However, an American coin of one cent can be called a penny, or a cent coin. Among most collectors, the word "penny" is used to refer to a one-cent coin.

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coin collectors Coin collecting is not only a systematic process of collecting coins, but also a great hobby. Usually any person begins with the fact that he finds some commemorative coin, which can rarely be found in everyday life. Then the man begins to follow the rare coins. In such a simple way and there is gathering at the Amateur level.

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Challenge coins Marine corps Challenge coin is a small coin or medallion, which depicts the signs of the organization, various emblems. Traditionally, such coins exist to prove belonging to some society, and to improve the morale of the owner. Such coins are also collected by the military and law enforcement officers. For 2019, complex coins come in different sizes, refer to popular cultures, sometimes creating even a semblance of a parody. Historically, such challenge coins were in the unit commanders as a sign of certain achievements. The exchange of such coins can be regarded as a sign of recognition during visits to the organization.

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commemorative coins 1 dollar constitution anniversary Commemorative coins – coins that are issued in order to mark a certain event. Many commemorative coins around the world have been issued since the 1960s, but there are also some examples of coins issued by an earlier date. Commemorative coins have a special design for those cases when they were issued. In most cases, these coins are used exclusively for collecting, but some countries issue such coins in regular circulation. Constantly minted coins depicting monuments of architecture, rare animals, political events, historical figures, etc. Among some collectors there is a division of commemorative coins from thematic, but among the total mass of coin collectors, such differences are usually ignored.

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