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us postage stamps Washington 24 cents The story, when the first us postage stamps appeared, officially begins in 1847. The law, adopted on March 3, 1847, provided for the issuance of us postage stamps. Before that, of course, since 1846, postage stamps were also issued, but they had no official status. The first us postage stamps had a face value of 5 cents and 10 cents, which depicted George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

us postage stamps Washington 2 cents The difference in nominal value was due to the fact that a cheaper postage stamp of 5 cents paid for letters carried over a distance of less than 300 miles. 10 cents was worth sending the letter at a distance of over 300 miles. There were also differences in the weight of parcels.

 us postage stamps immediately after the release became very popular. Moreover, stamps worth 5 cents were issued 5 times more than stamps worth 10 cents. Despite the rather large time period from the date of issue of the first postage stamps of the United States, you can find these brands on sale. 

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 Philately, as a field of collecting, arose, as well as all kinds from the very beginning of the release of collectibles, ie in the 1840s. The first philately items were not even postage stamps,but postal items, specifically envelopes. Envelope with a print of the mail, can be considered the subject of philately.

 In the middle of the 19th century in England, as in the first country where postage stamps appeared, the first collectors of postage stamps began to appear. In connection with the demand for postage stamps, at the same time there were traders of sweat marks for collecting.

 At the end of the 19th century, hundreds of thousands of people were engaged in collecting stamps, regardless of the classes of society. In General, stamp collecting is available to almost everyone, from children of the poor to millionaires. In a number of countries, postal museums were even created, where collections of stamps of different States were collected and stored. There were also the largest private collections. Naturally, the cost of stamps in such collections was very high. 

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custom stamps Custom stamps is not inherently a postage stamp, however, given the history of the postage stamp, this subject is the place to be in this section. Because the postal history began not even with a postage stamp, but with a stamp. And postage stamps had a kind of quenching, which was achieved by the impact on the stamp. It goes without saying that there are many types of seals and stamps, many of which are made to order, have personality traits, dates and various drawings.

 Of course the stamps vary in importance. There are seals that belong to government organizations, various control organizations, etc. However, such stamps are not widely used in collecting. The most common small stamps that are used for personal purposes in small organizations.

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