30 Mar, 2023

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custom stamps Custom stamps is not inherently a postage stamp, however, given the history of the postage stamp, this subject is the place to be in this section. Because the postal history began not even with a postage stamp, but with a stamp. And postage stamps had a kind of quenching, which was achieved by the impact on the stamp. It goes without saying that there are many types of seals and stamps, many of which are made to order, have personality traits, dates and various drawings.

 Of course the stamps vary in importance. There are seals that belong to government organizations, various control organizations, etc. However, such stamps are not widely used in collecting. The most common small stamps that are used for personal purposes in small organizations.

 Custom stamps is a kind of entertainment for children, and gives the opportunity to show their individuality. Currently, there are many options for custom stamps, many of which are made to order, and have a personal identity. In addition to collecting themselves custom stamps, there is a passion to collect prints from various stamps.


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